Can I horizontally dip my printed circuit board in conformal coating and achieve a good finish?

Dipping PCBs in conformal coating

Dipping PCBs in conformal coating

The answer is yes.

In fact we can dip your PCBs at any angle you choose. The key is control of the dipping depth and being able to hold the PCB. If we can achieve both successfully then it is perfectly possible to horizontally dip PCBs using automated batch dip coating machines such as the DS101 dip system.

There are many factors to consider such as the size of the board, the depth of dipping allowed, the type of conformal coating to be used, how to hold the PCB and the masking & components on the board that must be considered.

However, SCH regularly use this technique to minimise costs for customers. We can develop the fixtures to support the PCBs as well as design for multiple dipping of the boards.

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About Dr Lee Hitchens

Dr Hitchens has been working in the electronics industry and the area of conformal coatings for over 25 years in various areas including sales and technical support. He has also been training people for almost the same amount of time in all areas of conformal coating whether that is materials & equipment selection, process development or troubleshooting to help them solve their particular problem. Recently, he decided that the industry needed a specific place where all of the useful knowledge on conformal coatings could be collated for users to find easily and use in their own production process. So, Nexus was born and he began the Nexus eBook project.

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