What is conformal coating de-wetting and why does it occur?

Severe Conformal Coating De-wetting of a PCB

Severe Conformal Coating De-wetting of a PCB

De-wetting is where the conformal coating material is applied to a printed circuit board evenly but the coating refuse to stick to the surface that it has been applied to.

Factors that influence de-wetting usually involve non-ionic contamination such as:

  1. Residues from board manufacture including silicone surfactants from solder resist & HASL rinse contamination
  2. Component residues like mould release agents
  3. Silicone oil from adhesives in production.
  4. Soldering processes
  5. Cleaning bath contamination where rinsing has failed
  6. Operator handling adding contaminants

Click de-wetting conformal coating failure mechanism technical bulletin for further information and solutions on how to solve the problems.

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About Dr Lee Hitchens

Dr Hitchens has been working in the electronics industry and the area of conformal coatings for over 25 years in various areas including sales and technical support. He has also been training people for almost the same amount of time in all areas of conformal coating whether that is materials & equipment selection, process development or troubleshooting to help them solve their particular problem. Recently, he decided that the industry needed a specific place where all of the useful knowledge on conformal coatings could be collated for users to find easily and use in their own production process. So, Nexus was born and he began the Nexus eBook project.

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