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Productronica Show 2016 a success for Conformal Coating Masking Boots

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SCH found they were overwhelmed for enquiries for their reusable conformal coating masking boots at the Productronica Show in Munich this November.

Dr Lee Hitchens explains more.

We obviously sell a large range of products related to conformal coating and had enquiries all round. But, we couldn’t believe how much interest was shown in the boots.

In fact, at one point we thought we were going to run out of brochures even though we had brought a ridiculous amount with us!

I guess its because there is very little option for people in coating. You either mask with tape or selectively coat. However, many companies just cannot justify the costs of the machine.

The masking boots offer a great alternative to the tapes and dots and  people genuinely save large amounts of money time and time again when we show them the savings!

The use of other materials such as masking tapes, dots and liquid latex can be an effective process in protecting components from ingress of conformal coating.

IMAG1334 reduced sizeHowever, the masking can be labour intensive, difficult and time consuming.

Recyclable masking boots offer a labour saving alternative in both the masking and de-masking stages of the coating process.

This saves you time and money.


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Five reasons to use resuable masking boots in your conformal coating process

  1. Reduce your masking and de-masking time and therefore conformal coating costs by up to 80%
  2. Minimise masking errors with conformal coating masking boots since conformal coating can leak into components much more with tapes and dots.
  3. Have a repeatable process in the conformal coating production area. It is far easier to train an operator to perform the masking operation and there is minimal operator variability in the process.
  4. It is much easier to spot missed masking points produced by operator error with the brightly coloured masking boots than with masking tape.
  5. You minimise PCB handling and reduce contamination by applying a boot is easier than applying tapes and boots.

Click conformal coating masking boots FAQs for further questions or conformal coating masking boots for general information.

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Conformal Coating Masking Boots on a circuit board before coating

Conformal Coating Masking Boots on a circuit board before coating

Conformal Coating Masking Boots FREE TRIAL

SCH has worked hard to develop conformal coating masking boots at an affordable price.We now find that

  • We can reduce the costs of the conformal coating masking process by as much as 80%
  • Reduce the number of errors in processing by making the masking job much easier and reducing problems like leaking tape I thing of the past
  • Reduce the time for masking and de-masking by as much as 80% by simplifying the process

Don’t believe us?

We are happy to provide a free trial of our masking boots so you can test it for yourself. We can then work out your Return on Investment. All we ask is you pay for the carriage of the parts and we will refund this cost against an order if successful.

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Save Money using Conformal Coating Masking Boots or Get Your Money Back

Completely masked PCB ready for conformal coating 3 close upAs an industry leading authority on conformal coating, SCH Technologies is always working to provide the industry with new innovative solutions to existing problems. Conformal coating masking is a necessary process in many cases but it can be costly, difficult and not value added.

Recently, SCH has worked hard to develop conformal coating masking boots at an affordable price. We now find that we can reduce costs of masking by as much as 80% and reduce the number of errors in processing and time to complete the job.

Don’t believe us?

We are happy to provide a free trial of our masking boots so you can test it for yourself. We can then work out your Return on Investment. If you then place an order with us and you don’t save money then we will give you your money back!

If you would like to speak with someone about this offer, contact us at 01226 249019 or via William@schservices.com.


NEW Conformal Coating Masking Technical Bulletin Available to Download

Conformal Coating Masking TapeIn conformal coating many components and printed circuit board locations must remain uncoated due to the insulating nature of the coating. The purpose of the conformal coating masking materials is to prevent migration of the conformal coatings into components that need to be clear and designated keep out areas. This applies to both liquid conformal coating and Parylene processing.

Get this basic process wrong and it can be a big problem, leading to the next stage of either repairing the conformal coating leak, stripping the conformal coating off the circuit board, removing a component to replace it or scrapping the board.

Understand the fundamentals of conformal coating masking, what different materials are available, the problems associated with these masking products and how to get the best out of your process.

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I would like to have a quotation for custom reusable masking boots for my conformal coating process. What do I do?

Conformal Coating Masking Boot CThere are two realistic options for getting accurate quotes and designs made for custom boots. These are:

  • Supply a sample of the PCB along with a masking diagram so that we know what needs masking.
  • Supply photos of the PCB along with exact dimensions and specification of the components. You can get this from the component supplier.

With this information we will then check against stock and quote you a price. Please remember we want to get this right so we cannot guess. We will make the boots to a very high tolerance and need to get the measurements correct.

Want a Free Trial?

We are so confident that you will like the boots we are happy to prepare a free sample set for you to trial. We need you to provide the connector details for the board you wish to test and we will make the sample set free of charge.

All we ask is that you pay the price of the carriage as a small commitment for a big return on investment.

Contact us today to know more about it.

Can I use any type of masking tape or dot in my conformal coating process?

The simple answer is yes. But, you can get varied levels of success.

For instance, consider the masking tape adhesive used. Most tapes have silicone in the glue to allow for easier removal from the roll or strip. However, this can cause de-wetting around the dot or tape which may need to be repaired later.

Also, the material of the tape could absorb the conformal coating solvent, attack the glue and end up leaving the glue residues on the surface of the board. If the residues are left behind then reliability of the product could be called into question since it would not be known if there will be long term effects.

SCH Services in their coating service process use several different types of masking materials depending on what is being masked and what the conformal coating is.

Ultimately, trials with the tape or dot should be considered before just using the product in your process.

Click Conformal Coating Masking FAQ’s to discover more.