Subcontract Services

SCH Technologies Ltd is the UK’s leading subcontract Conformal Coating service provider.

SCH Services offers you a highly competitive alternative to in-house conformal coating processing with a proven track record as a conformal coating subcontractor, utilising all methods of conformal coating application including:

– semi automated conformal coating dip

– conformal coating batch spraying

– Certonal dip coating

– selective / robotic conformal coating 

SCH use a range of conformal coating materials including Humiseal, Certonal, Dow Corning, Electrolube & Peters.

With over 30 years’ combined in-house experience in the electronics industry, you are guaranteed the most accurate, responsive, flexible and cost effective service available.

Click here to see an overview of our industry leading sub-contract conformal coating service.

SCH Technologies are able to guarantee lead times of 3-5 days on all projects and an measure an average of less than 3 days over ALL projects.

SCH also regularly provide fast track services of 2, 1 and same day turnaround times, without compromise to the quality of coating finish at a highly competitive price.

Many large and well-respected electronics manufacturers trust SCH to protect their PCBs. Our expertise, attention to detail and customer service are widely recognised to be perhaps the best in our field.

Whether your aim is to increase efficiency or reduce health risks associated with the application of solvent based coatings, SCH Technologies can provide a cost-effective, prompt service tailored to your exact needs.

7 responses to “Subcontract Services”

  1. Stephen Cunneen says :

    Please contact me in reference to Conformal coating boots.

  2. Glyn Clark says :

    Hi, Ihave seen an article of yours that deals with Common Failure Mechanisms with conformal coatings (Aug 2008). This article only elaborated on the Capillary Flow issue. Did you print discussions on the other items mentioned in later articles. Is there any chance of providing a discussion covering the rest of the issues mentioned please?

  3. David Blanchard President says :

    You guys are 3-5 day turn times? We are 24 hours turn times as standard. If you need a Conformal coating experts call Arizona Procoat LLC today or send an RFQ. We only do all types of Conformal coating application. We have been servicing USA, Germany, China and the UK since 1976. Let us know we can help you.

  4. Lee Hitchens says :

    David you are quite correct that our standard process time is 3-5 days. However, we do everything from daily drop offs, monthly shipments and 4-6 hour turnarounds and are completely flexible to work with the customer.

    It really is down to many factors such as the material being used, the process time in application of the conformal coating or the parylene, curing and drying times, the customer needs for absorbing unnecessary shipment costs and a range of other points.

    In reality we find most customers don’t need to pay unnecessarily for high speed service and we found that for our customer base this is exactly what they need.

  5. David Blanchard President says :

    We also do every type of conformal coat, however because we are so experienced we still do 24 hour turns at no extra cost and that is our standard, We don’t charge for expediting, NRE’s, set up, none AZPro rework or min runs and our prices are still 30% below any company the world. That’s way we are doing about 1000 boards a day from the UK, China and Germany. Would you be willing to do a Pepsi Challenge?

  6. Lee Hitchens says :

    Lol im not sure what a pepsi challenge is but since you claim to be cheaper than the rest of the world you can compete with our global sites by all means.

  7. David Blanchard President says :

    Send an RFQ and I will show you my friend. lol

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