UV Cure Conveyors

UV200 conveyor system 

The UV200 curing conveyor utilises high energy Fusion microwave lamp technology to cure conformal coatings and other materials like inks

These lamps are coupled with a dedicated SMEMA conveyor design with variable lamp height adjustment to provide a sophisticated, reliable integrated system for inline UV cure processing.

Standard features

Drive section

  • Single drive chain conveyor with extended pin edge for SMEMA control of the PCBs
  • Pallet  home & clear sensors (Direct detection type) to ensure smooth flow of PCBs inline
  • Variable speed throughput conveyor to optimise cure time under lamps
  • Manual conveyor width adjustment mechanism for varied PCB and pallet widths
  • SMEMA interface with upstream / downstream machines.
  • Passage left to right travel

UV lamp lift platform

  • Lamp height adjustment via hand clamp device to provide optimal focal point curing of the coating
  • Lift mechanism – aluminium profile with slide mechanism
  • Lift height adjustment: ± 120mm
  • Standard Lamp Configuration: 2 x Fusion UV Systems top side only
  • Lamp Configuration capacity: 3 x Fusion UV Systems top and bottom side to give 500mm cure width top and bottom

PCB Details

  • Max PCB size –  500 mm (L)  x 500 mm (W)
  • Max height ±120mm

Feed & exits access

  • Access opening at feed and exit are manually adjustable to suit product to minimize extraction requirements


  • Overall Footprint – 1200 mm x 800 m
  • Conveyor length of : 1200 mm
  • Ride height 950 +/- 25 mm

External & internal paneling

  • Powder coated Steel covers (including hinged lids & doors)
  • Interlock switched on all hinged panels


  • Front Light-tight Louvre with mesh back panel

Key facts

  • The UV200 has been designed specifically for curing UV conformal coatings in an inline process.
  • The system is used in our own coating services for our production.
  • The combination of technical design, microwave lamps and commercial pricing makes this an exceptional system for curing UV conformal coatings.

UV microwave lamps

The UV Microwave lamp bulb will last much longer than UV arc lamp technology.

Depending on the model, lifetime of the bulb can be quoted between 4000-8000 hours and one model guarantees 9000 hours. During this time there is very little power degradation. The UV lamp will not extinguish until the end of its life in this time period. The cost for the bulbs are similar.

Generally, as a rule of thumb if cost is very tight then SCH recommend the UV Arc lamps, especially if there is low volume use and high speed is not critical.

If it is higher volume, higher speed then we generally recommend UV Microwave Lamp technology since it is generally more economic and no maintenance is involved in monitoring the UV out put.

Conformal coating curing

The use of UV (ultraviolet) cure materials like conformal coatings in electronics manufacturing means that productivity in your conformal coating process can be massively increased. This is due to increased process speeds and reduced cure footprint.


Click for the UV200 UV Curing Conveyor Systems Brochure

If you’re planning to install a piece of equipment, please check the exact specification of the brochure with us. All details shown in all brochures are subject to change between publication dates

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