UV Cure Equipment

The use of UV (ultraviolet) light for curing materials like UV conformal coatings in electronics manufacturing mean that productivity in your conformal coating process can be massively increased due to increased process speeds and reduced cure footprint.

SCH Technologies provide a full range of UV Cure systems. These machines have been designed by our engineers and tested in our conformal coating service to ensure they are both practical and cost efficient and range from full in line SMEMA production systems to bench top lamps.

Equipment Available

uv200 UV Cure conveyor for conformal coatings 1000W UV Cure cabinet System uv-ab-meter high res rounded UV Lamp
 UV Cure Conveyors  UV Cure Cabinets  UV Cure Meters

UV Cure Lamps and Torches 


  • UV Cure Technology is an ideal process in high speed applications where high throughput is critical.
  • SCH Technologies have a complete range of UV Cure products for whatever your requirements in production
  • We can provide you a high level of technical support which will ensure you select the right system

Links for Further Information

UV Cure Conveyors

UV Cure Cabinets

UV Cure Meters

UV Cure Lamps and Torches 

One response to “UV Cure Equipment”

  1. Cornel Neethling says :

    We are an LED Manufacturer in Cape Town South Africa.

    We are looking into getting new coating equipment. The coating is used to waterproof our LEDStrips for sign applications

    Can you please give advice

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