Automated Inspection

Modus automated conformal coating inspection systems 

Conformal coating inspection is a critical and often neglected stage of the conformal coating process.

The standards such as IPC A 610 are explicit in their requirements for conformal coating inspection yet few companies actually inspect to that level.

SCH Technologies are working as a partner with German company, Modus, to provide an automated conformal coating inspection system for automatic inspection of conformal coatings and defect detection.

Modus have 25 years of experience with image processing being pioneers at developing scanner based industrial image processing systems.

The solutions Modus provide today are complete software and hardware development from one source with specific long time experience in the automotive area.

The Modus advantage

  • Modus have a range of solutions for conformal coating inspection
  • Inline and offline (batch) inspection of conformal coated PCBs
  • Low cost fixed camera solutions where high components are not an issue and less complex inspection is required
  • Scanner based parallax image processing where the 3D nature of the PCB is causing issues
  • State of the art software that can inspect to IPC standards and has full functionality for many different tasks
  • UV LED lighting systems that combine with the best in imaging cameras
  • Flexibility in design to allow the customer to have a custom solution if required

Parallax free processing 

Modus have made unique technological advances in parallax-free image capturing for conformal coating processing.

Fixed camera solutions or scanners with a fixed camera system at the centre can suffer from parallax where high sided components can cause shadows in image processing.

The Modus parallax free scanning system utilises a specialist lens which removes the parallax issues from the scanning process and eliminates shadows down the sides of high components.

This combination of unique parallax free image formation with the right design of UV light ensures PARALLAX FREE conformal coating assessment without areas of shadow.

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