OPX ultra-thin nano-coating

Nano-coating-fluoropolymers-Collage-640Nano-coatings protect circuit boards but do not require maskingOPX is a a very robust and abrasion resistant high performance PFPE blended with polysilane to form a highly hydrophobic nano-coating.

OPX is a robust and long-lasting thin film that chemically bonds to almost any surface (silica, quartz, glass, metal and most plastics).

Why use nano-coatings to protect circuit boards?

Performance properties of OPX

The OPX fluorocarbon coating has excellent physical properties:

  • Refractive Index 1.3
  • Contact angle (water) >110°
  • Contact angle (mineral oil) >70°
  • Withstands 5000+ rubs with steel wool.
  • Anti-scratching and anti-smudging properties makes OPX an ideal solution for coating: touch-panel displays, cell phones, LCD, optical filters/lenses and electronic boards
  • Maintains contact angle after abrasion and exposure to IPA, acetone, others.
  • Transparent film
  • Protective coatings for electronic components – ALL of them. Protection for internal pcb, coatings for external case, sub-micron abrasion-resistant coatings for glass display

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Why use nano-coatings to protect circuit boards?

Surface-Tention-Test6-640x320Nano coatings are no mask conformal coatings with great water repellent propertiesNano-coatings have very specialised properties for protecting circuit board assemblies.

They include:

  • Being highly hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • Having a high moisture barrier
  • Being ultra-thin so no requirement to mask the circuit board
  • Being highly oleophobic (oil repellent)
  • Having a high chemical resistance
  • Having a high lubricity
  • Having high dielectric properties
  • Providing high corrosion resistance

The fluoropolymers are extremely flexible coatings and becoming more prolifically used throughout engineering.

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