UV-cure nano-coatings

Nano-coating-fluoropolymers-Collage-640Nano-coatings protect circuit boards but do not require maskingUVX is a highly hydrophobic UV cured nano coating that can be used to protect circuit boards.

The PFPE / polyurethane blended nano-coating displays exceptional hardness, heat and chemical resistance, and repels moisture.

UVX is cured by ultraviolet (UV) light. This means the coating is cured very quickly.

It has been utilised well on many substrates including glass, metal and plastics that rely on both its hydrophobic nature (>110° in water) and hardness.

This means it can work exceptionally well with monitors, screens and other forms of telecommunications.

Why use nano-coatings to protect circuit boards?

Performance properties of UVX

The UVX fluorocarbon coating has excellent physical properties:

  • Used on all substrates (glass, metal, plastic)
  • UV-curable, also heat or air-dry
  • High impact resistance
  • Hydrophobic (>110° in water)
  • High resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Compatible with markers and pigments
  • Optimized properties at 25um
  • Can be applied to monitors and screens, electronics, photoresists, aircraft, automotive surfaces
  • Transparent, with low refractive index
  • Coating can be modified for increased hardness, scratch resistance, and/or adhesion strength to multiple substrates

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Why use nano-coatings to protect circuit boards?


Nano coatings are no mask conformal coatings with great water repellent propertiesNano-coatings have very specialised properties for protecting circuit board assemblies.

They include:

  • Being highly hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • Having a high moisture barrier
  • Being ultra-thin so no requirement to mask the circuit board
  • Being highly oleophobic (oil repellent)
  • Having a high chemical resistance
  • Having a high lubricity
  • Having high dielectric properties
  • Providing high corrosion resistance

The fluoropolymers are extremely flexible coatings and becoming more prolifically used throughout engineering.

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